Trees for Tourism is a program of the South African Reforestation Trust, and a non-profit organisation.

People and companies active in the tourism industry of South Africa have come together to enhance and create pristine forest eco-systems on selected sites in different parts of the Western Cape.

The planting of indigenous trees, funded through the collective effort of the tourism industry, will help to safeguard the richness and robustness of South Africa’s biodiversity and store carbon for generations to come.

Trees of many different indigenous species are planted such as Cape Beech, Milkwood, Wild Olive and Yellow Wood, mimicking the natural formation of forest eco-systems.

Planting a tree in any spot is always a good idea, but planting a tree as a component of a natural forest has the added benefit of creating a safe habitat for natural wildlife, supporting entire eco-systems and storing extra carbon.

trees for tourism

Why Reforest?

Forests store carbon

Forests prevent erosion

Forests create a sanctuary for man

Forests are part of our tourism capital

Forests create food and shelter for wildlife

Forests produce clean air, pure water, rich soil

Forests are what makes us live

Sponsor a Tree

For only R120 you can sponsor a tree and choose which site you would like it to be planted on. The properties in which the reforestation sites are located are all aimed at nature conservation and rehabilitation i.e. Farm 215; Grootvadersbosch Conservancy; Reflections Eco-Reserve; and Klein River Cheese Farm.

Simply download the TfT order form, complete and send it back to us, along with proof of payment (see account below), to We are official partners of Trees for Tourism and look forward to planting trees with you!

Account Details

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)

Account Number: 62515819920

Account Name: Love to Stay (Pty) Ltd

Branch Code: 250655

Reference: TfT + Your Name

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