Stay Green At These Nature Reserves

South Africa is well known for its incredible natural beauty, abundance and diversity as well as the many national parks (SANParks) and private nature reserves. These protected areas are of particular importance for wildlife, flora & fauna, features of geological or other special interest, and are reserved and managed for conservation purposes and to provide opportunity for study or […]

Thirty-Three Lions Feel The African Sun

Imagine setting foot on African soil and breathing in your birth right as The King of the Jungle for the first time after a life of slavery and torture. Their new life may not mean total freedom, but thanks to Animal Defenders International (ADI) and Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, the thirty-three lions that was rescued from circuses now have an […]

Roar for an End to Canned Lion Hunting

The graphic images of a rain of bullets penetrating a lion that was about to feast on the bait that lured him to his death trap are etched into my heart and mind. I am haunted by the expression of pure disbelief on his face; the human imprinted lion seemed incredulous, not understanding that he had been […]