Warka Water: Capturing Condensation

Arturo Vittori in an Italian Artist, Architect and Designer, and CEO of Warka Water Inc. His work is internationally known for merging cutting edge technologies together with ancient traditions resulting in projects on the edge between Art and Science that answer our society’s most urgent needs. Vittori has designed and built a structure that provides water to […]

Free Energy

A Nuclear Engineer named Mehran T. Keshe has discovered the basic fundamental principles behind the creation of Gravity Fields. This discovery has caused an avalanche of new scientific knowledge, new technologies, and new solutions to major global issues – such as energy, health, environment, the economy, etc. Mehran Keshe, via the Keshe Foundation and the Spaceship Institute, is now […]

Do You Know How To Save Energy? Learn From These Experts

Image: flickr  – CC by 2.0 – Author Lollie-Pop With an annual average price increase of 12.69% implemented by Eskom for 2015/16 in addition to persistent power cuts,  South African households will now feel more pressured to save energy. Hippo.co.za recently approached some of South Africa’s leading influencers in energy conservation for their blog post titled “Experts […]