Homemade Organic Toothpaste Recipe

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I recently stumbled across an organic toothpaste recipe that looks fairly simple and easy to make at home. You can click here to go to the full article for more information on ingredients and their functions, storage instructions, the written recipe & method, and other interesting facts and observations.

  • Raw Sea Salt: 1 teaspoon
    Bicarbonate of Soda: 2 teaspoons
    Powdered Orange Peel: 1 tablespoon
    Dried Sage : 2 teaspoons
    Lemon Essential oil: 2 – 5 drops
    Peppermint Essential oil: 2 – 5 drops
  • Watch the short video below to see exactly how it is done.

In the extracts below, Sue Cross explains why she made the switch to homemade organic toothpaste, and opted out of simply purchasing organic toothpaste from retailers.


“We used to buy an organic toothpaste so there was no question of us changing because of a whole host of unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients and I have never in all my life used fluoride so that wasn’t an issue. However, a couple of years ago we were lucky enough to escape ‘drill and fill’ and to find a biological/holistic dentist and (really important for me) one who didn’t use needles. Our dentist does not fill teeth and so I then began to study how to optimise our diet for tooth remineralisation. This done I then began to research anything that could hinder the process and found the mention of glycerine. It is used to give the toothpaste a ‘glossy’ sheen but it also leaves a coating on the teeth, which in turn prevents remineralisation. I have read that it takes multiple rinsings with pure water to actually rid your teeth of this glycerine film.  When I checked the contents of my purchased organic toothpaste, I was mortified to find glycerine on the list. Interestingly enough that was the first difference we noticed when we began to use our home-made toothpaste, in essence, a much fresher cleaner feel to our teeth.”

“The evidence I can give you for this toothpaste can only be personal and anecdotal but we have both found that this recipe has given us, cleaner, whiter and much less sensitive teeth. I also had a very obvious hole in one of my teeth which used to cause pain and which has now equally obviously remineralised, something it never attempted to do before. I can see it has sealed over and know it no longer hurts! I also have a broken tooth which has done the same. Apart from these benefits, we are really happy to be making yet another toiletry and not spending so much money on an organic one which contained glycerine.” – © 2014 Sue Cross.

Source: Home-made Organic Toothpaste – ‘Snow Caps’ Old Swiss Teeth Whitening Recipe

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