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Keshe-modern-day-TeslaA Nuclear Engineer named Mehran T. Keshe has discovered the basic fundamental principles behind the creation of Gravity Fields.

This discovery has caused an avalanche of new scientific knowledge, new technologies, and new solutions to major global issues – such as energy, health, environment, the economy, etc.

Mehran Keshe, via the Keshe Foundation and the Spaceship Institute, is now in the process of giving this new knowledge – Magrav Technology– to the world for free, in the effort to clean up our planet and to realize world peace. Continue

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This may not have made the controlled mainstream media news, but we have seen numerous independent reports and accounts reveling in the discovery of Magrav Technology, setting the scientific world abuzz and changing what we thought we knew, as has happened many times throughout our human history.

Though some skeptics believe Keshe to be a mad scientist and his new technology impossible, we believe positive change is afoot! In a world stricken by poverty, war and climate change, imagine what free energy could do. Yes, there would be a period of major adjustment. Corporations will fall as consumer demand diminishes, which in turn would have all sorts of ripple effects like job losses for example. However, if everyone did in fact have free energy, food and good health, would we need to have so many jobs? What would we be working long hours for? How could society restructure itself?

Very exciting times filled with beautiful possibility. We are grateful and salute Mehran Keshe and all the free thinkers, innovators and individuals out there who are developing sustainable solutions for the benefit of all of mankind and our planet.

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