Meat Free Monday is an environmental campaign that Fry’s initiated in South Africa; the objective being to raise awareness about the negative effect animal agriculture is having on our environment, human health, the animals and our precious water resources.

The campaign gives people a simple solution and quantifies the benefits of adopting meat free days in ones household. Livestock farming is the most significant contributor to today’s most serious environmental problems. Animal agriculture contributes significantly to the destruction of tropical rainforests, soil erosion, dwindling reserves of fresh water, land, fuel and other resources.

Meat Free Mondays is fashionable and achievable. It also spearheads a thought for people to take action against climate change and to be part of that change. Many corporates and schools have joined the campaign and South Africans are urged to pledge on www.supportmfm.co.za or to join the South African Meat Free Monday Facebook page.

South Africa is joining the global move to encourage people to have one day a week free of meat. It’s a small move with a big impact on the environment, on animals and on health. Why have a meat free monday?

Facts & Figures: Have a look what South Africans can do by cutting back the amount of meat they eat!


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