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Eco-friendly Accommodation Hogsback – Eastern Cape | BackpackersCamping, Eco Lodge, Country Stay, Family-friendly.

Check in: Anytime ; Check out: 13:00

From R135 per person per night *Dorms

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Terra-Khaya is situated high up in the hills of mystical Hogsback in the Eastern Cape. Set on a 38 acre Permaculture Farm in the Amathole Mountain region, this 100% off the grid Family and Travelers Eco Lodge is a celebration of harmony with nature and offers guests a unique experience of sustainable living in magnificent natural surroundings.

We offer comfortable and private rooms, dorm accommodation and camping. We also have a lounge, dining area, yoga space, art/craft supplies and communal kitchen; all of which have been constructed using an eco-friendly, innovative and creative blend of traditional building techniques and modern design.

Terra-Khaya Eco Backpackers

Terra-Khaya practices wise waste management and nothing is sent to the landfill. By reducing the amount of packaging and waste we bring in, repairing, reusing, up-cycling and recycling, we manage all our own waste.

Terra-Khaya has a fully equipped kitchen with wood-burning-stove and our meals are hearty, nutritious and plentiful. We brew our own Kombucha and grow our own sprouts and microgreens. We also make preserves and jams and our daily home-made Xhosa bread is always a treat.

Terra-Khaya is also home to Amathole Horse Trails and all our horses are trained using Natural Horsemanship. Beginners and experienced riders can enjoy 1,5hr – 2,5 hr rides while more experienced riders can enjoy full day as well as overnight trails.


Respect every living thing with honour, love and gratitude – including oneself.
Always treat Mother Earth and her resources with the utmost respect.
Always consider social, communal and environmental impacts when planning and undertaking projects. Research all possible options and base decisions on the outcome of careful research, taking time restraints, community involvement and environmental impact into consideration.
Aim to be as self-sufficient as possible and respect the resources we have by never wasting anything: Respect Reduce Reuse Recycle.
Be the change you wish to see – instead of complaining, take deliberate and positive action.
Make use of environmentally friendly products for cleaning, washing and building.
Share talents, skills and produce with neighbours & volunteers in a barter system.
Engage in community projects for increased social, environmental and educational gain.

We invite you to come stay with us, bath under the stars, enjoy delicious hearty food, relax in a swing or give a hand on the farm. We hope to inspire our guests by our contributions to beautiful Mother Earth and that they leave with a sense of expanded love for all life.

Rates / Bookings


Terra-Khaya provides guest with a daily complimentary traditional breakfast as well as tea and coffee. Lunch and dinner can be purchased or you can make use of the braai (BBQ) and fully equipped kitchen (R15 levy). Drinks are also for self-service.

The rooms are cleaned daily; we have 24 hour reception and offer shuttle services, and horse trails.

Please note that you should bring sufficient cash as there is no reliable ATM on the mountain.


Terra-Khaya Eco Backpackers

For an unforgettable experience, take a ride on the wild side of the beautiful Amathole Mountains and Hogsback forests with Amathole Horse Trails. We offer a range of tailor made horse rides for both experienced and beginner rider with our gentle, friendly horses.

Discover why this areas majestic mountains and forests inspired J.R. Tolkien as a child; you can hike amongst ancient trees in enchanted indigenous forests to cascading waterfalls and spectacular views.

Excellent birding and wildlife viewing (the area has Knysna Loeries, the endangered Cape Parrot and chatty Samango Monkeys).

Forage for edible mushrooms.

Head into the forested hills and valleys for an unsurpassed mud-splattering mountain bike adventure.

Enjoy sundowners and snacks at an awe-inspiring panoramic site on the edge of middle earth.

Enjoy abseiling or a guided mountain bike tours.

See more exciting things to do and places to go in this magical area.


You can reach Terra-Khaya by car or public transport. Click here for more information.

GPS Coordinates: 32’34’50 / 26’54’44


seal5Recycling, Green Cleaning, Responsible Body Products, Local & Organic, Water Wise Practices, Sustainable Energy Acumen, Eco-Architecture, Land Rehabilitation, Conservation.


We practice strict recycling principles at Terra-Khaya and advocate the “Respect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” philosophy. We make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of packaging that is used and encourage our guests to do the same. All glass, plastic bottles, tins, & recyclable bags, poly trays and yoghurt containers etc. are taken to our recycling area where it is separated and stored for use or recycling at a later stage. OnIy if we cannot repurpose something will we take it to the recycling depot in the city. Food waste is fed to our pigs and paper products are used for starting fires.

The Backpackers uses biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning methods and products.

Terra-Khaya provides its guest with eco-friendly soaps, shampoos and conditioners; however if you wish to bring your own, please ensure that they are eco-friendly.

We grow, harvest and serve our own organic produce; our menu is also supplemented by procuring produce from responsible local suppliers.

Our water is harvested from a spring and rainwater is collected from our buildings. We manage our water resources carefully and conserve wherever we can e.g. we do dishes all at once in order to reduce the amount of cleaning product and water consumption.

We have solar power and all heating and cooking is wood-powered by the wattle that we remove from our land.

Our creative buildings and living spaces have been built with as much recycled or natural materials as practically possible. The closer we can source the building materials to the farm the better.

We started rehabilitating the land in 2007 as it was overgrown with black wattle (an “alien invasive” tree from Australia) using permaculture and land rehabilitation techniques. We have successfully reduced the amount of wattle, reintroduced indigenous trees, planted fruit and vegetable gardens and grasslands for the animals. The wood from the wattle is used for building, making furniture, heating our water, cooking on the wood-fired stove & keeping warm.

To support our efforts to recreate an indigenous forest our guests are invited to bring and plant a tree that will be labelled with their name, the date the tree was planted and the trees common and Latin names. Guests who contribute to our Friends Forest are given an extra nights accommodation at no charge.

Guest can assist in land rehabilitation by pulling out wattle for two hours for which they will receive a complimentary dinner.

Terra-Khaya supports the Meat Free Mondays campaign and we encourage our guests to join in on this global awareness movement while staying with us.

Terra-Khaya is also involved in a Community Project at the local rural school: The Crabbush Green Fingers initiative, which worked with the children in the school and put up a vegetable growing tunnel and growing organic food.

Terra-Khaya is also a WESSA certified Eco-Education Centre and hosts school and group Eco-Camps, Permaculture Courses and Conscious Living Retreats.

We also host an annual Festival Of Trees: Reforest Fest in partnership with Greenpop where we get down and dirty planting 1000+ trees and celebrating with exceptional local live music.

Rates / Bookings

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