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From R550 per person per night *Incl. Breakfast 

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Rest and Digest Wellness Haven is situated in the quiet, urban environment of Gillitts, about 35 km inland from Durban city centre and a 32 minute drive from Durban Beach.

The wellness retreat is a place to rest and enjoy super healthy food, therapies that support health and well-being; wellness and detox programmes; and comfortable overnight accommodation. Detox retreats and other health related opportunities are also on offer throughout the year.

With an emphasis on conscious living in harmony with the environment, the unique setup caters for those who seek an educational experience on how to live a healthier life; observing and participating in daily life activities at the wellness centre, and to learn how to continue these practices in their environment. From the permaculture gardeners to the healthcare practitioners, you will be able to gather information that will encourage you to set up a new life style.

Your hosts, Matthew and Deborah, both share a love for education in the fields of healthy living and wellness. Matthew is a qualified Reiki healer and Life Style Coach who assists people in making correct dietary choices. Deborah is a qualified Montessori teacher, Reflexologist and Colon Hydrotherapist; has had many hours of Esoteric healing practices and in the garden, qualified in Permaculture garden design. Her extensive knowledge as a Fermenteer and Raw Foodist plays an important role in your meal preparations. Learn more.


Rest and Digest Wellness Retreat


The Wellness Centre has 2 rooms with separate bathrooms. This is a shared space with a lounge, kitchen, library and a therapy room. Pre-booking of dietary package and therapies essential.

Shin-Shitsu: Room with 2 single beds
From R550 per person sharing / R750 Single

Washitsu: Room with queen bed
From R550 per person sharing / R750 Single

The main homestead has a private room which has its own entrance, bathroom and light meal facilities; perfect for either friends, a couple or a single person for overnight accommodation. (This new room addition has not yet been added to their website).

What To Expect At Rest And Digest

Rooms are either shared (book as a couple) or book the room for privacy; Separate bathrooms; Shared kitchen; Therapy room; A centre lounge, dining room space with library, and creative art space; Permaculture vegetable gardens and chickens; Herbal teas and infused herbal waters; Sunrise meditations and breath work;
Sprout It- fermented foods and beverages made from produce from the gardens; An environment that considers all the elements that support nature.

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Therapies include: Colon hydro cleansing, Reiki, Access Bars, Wholistic Massage, Reflexology with sound and crystal healing. Daily practices on the property is TaiChi, Meditation and breathing practices.

Other activities on the premises include local guided walks in the conservancy, short courses on how to set up gardens from the simple kitchen garden, sprouts and micro-greens, container gardening, permaculture gardening, bread making, becoming a fermenteer of fermented foods and beverages, and healthy cooking options.


Green Cleaning
Responsible Body Products
Local & Organic
Water Wise practices
Sustainable Energy Acumen
Community Upliftment

The Rest and Digest property was originally half an acre of green lawn which has been converted into permaculture- hugel gardens. With the emphasis on the environment, they live in harmony with nature and consider all forms of life on the property at all times.

All waste is recycled, and all the organic waste is distributed between the chickens, worms and compost heaps. Only environmentally friendly cleaning products are used at Rest and Digest; they also provide guests with organic body products.

Rest and Digest supports an eco-friendly, plant based diet. Most of the meals served are created with their own organic produce; if they don’t have something they choose to support local farmers. They grow fruits and veg and the chickens provide fresh eggs. They also produce a range of fermented foods and beverages, and bake sourdough bread – see Sprout It for more info.

To conserve precious water resources they harvest rain water and recycle grey water, and have converted the pool into a serene pond. They have also converted to energy efficient appliances and upgraded to LED lighting to conserve electricity.

Their home-based business, Sprout It, supports a community in Inchanga with their produce. The owners openly share knowledge with their staff, which empowers them to again share these learnings with others. They have also helped them establish their own gardens to provide them with healthy organic produce.

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