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Eco-friendly Accommodation De Rust – Western Cape; Klein Karoo, Country stay, Self-catering, Family-friendly, Pet-friendly

Check in: 14:00 ; Check out: 10:00

From R620 per cottage per night for 2 people; R75 per extra person

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Seal 5 - Green Hearts for Green Acts - Eco-friendly Accommodation De Rust South Africa - awards 5 green hearts to Numbi Valley Permaculture Farm for its efforts to protect and conserve the environment by implementing the following practices: Recycling, Green cleaning, Use of local and organic produce, Sustainable energy acumen, Eco architecture, Water Wise practices, Land rehabilitation.


Numbi Valley Permaculture Farm is in a secluded Klein Karoo valley surrounded by natural vegetation and magnificent views of the Swartberg Mountains.

A scenic 12km drive from the farm up the rural Middelplaas valley brings you to the quaint village of De Rust and the beginning of the awe inspiring and humbling Meiringspoort pass. Meiringspoort is a gateway connecting the Klein Karoo and Groot Karoo through a gorge with a 25km road that crosses the same river 25 times.

Accommodation at Numbi Valley originated from an old labourers quarters that has been fully renovated to creative comfort. The Farm also has a refreshing plunge pool with relaxing shaded entertainment area and a rustic outdoor fire pit. Guests can enjoy an invigorating and rejuvenating herb bath in an outdoor cob firebath, by arrangement.

The cottage consists of a bedroom with a queen size bed fitted with luxurious 200 thread linen and mosquito net. The dining/lounge area also has a convertible 2-sleeper futon couch and a cozy fireplace.The kitchen is fully equipped and has a gas refrigerator and stove. The shower-only bathroom has an indoor donkey that produces piping hot water to compensate for the solar geyser on cloudy days, bath towels are provided. The comfortable verandah overlooks the organic fruit and vegetable gardens, and the other has breathtaking views of the Swartberg range and Olifants River Valley. Free limitless Wi-Fi is available on the farm.


Escape the winter with a romantic getaway in the Klein Karoo. Numbi Valley Permaculture Farm is offering a 10% discount when booking for 2 nights or more during the week. Enjoy cozy nights in front of the fire and get a bottle of red wine followed by a fire bath included in your stay!


Firebath: A firebath is a sensual experience whereby herbal infused water is heated up by fire directly under an enamel bath. As this method maintains the heat for a longer period, intermittent cold showers can be taken to extend the time and stimulate positive health-boosting effects. The cob and reed structure add to the pleasure you can derive from this outdoor experience.

Permaculture Farm Tour: Take a walk around the farm with Ross or Kathryn for an hour to get an explanation of how our farm operates and how we attempt to become more self-sufficient. Interesting aspects such as organic vegetable gardening, permaculture, olive oil production, solar power, drip irrigation and the use of chicken tractors will be illustrated and discussed.

Cob Building Workshop: Participate in a one, two or three day practical experience where you will contribute to building an aspect of the farm infrastructure while learning a skill you can use almost anywhere. This building technique can be applied to small projects like making a pizza oven, or a garden wall to massive creations such as a house or workshop.

Organic Veggie Growing Workshop: Should you be interested to learn more about growing your own organic produce, we can arrange a one or two day workshop on this fascinating and satisfying subject. With practical demonstrations, discussions and participation you will be able to grow your own fresh fruit & veg with your new permaculture knowledge and skills.


Please do not use a GPS to find us as it will lead you to a closed farm gate. Click here for detailed directions.


Numbi Valley Permaculture Farm is an exemplary model of off the grid living with its comfortable sustainable architecture and permaculture farming practices, all working in harmony with nature.

The sun provides all power for lights, charging electrical devices and the hot water. Fireplaces in the living room and shower provide heating when the Klein Karoo cools down; the firewood is Acacia harvested sustainably on the property itself. The kitchen is equipped with a gas stove and small gas fridge.

All waste is separated, and the organic waste is either fed to the chickens, earthworms or composted.

The water on the farm is supplied from an artesian borehole and gravity fed through-out the property, so there is no use of fuel to move the water on Numbi. The water is of excellent drinking quality, and for this reason we request guests to please not bring any plastic water bottles to the farm.

Fresh seasonal fruit & veg from our organic gardens can be picked and purchased as required. Also available from the farm are a variety of products such as dried fruit and herbs, honey, olives and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. These tasty treats are all preservative-free and solar cookers and solar drying are used as much as possible. By prior arrangement Ross and Kath will make delicious pizzas in a wood fired mud oven using stoneground flour and produce from the garden as toppings.

Our wonderful fresh water plunge pool is fed directly from the borehole and is chemical free, the water from the pool is then used to irrigate the Olive Grove. Both the Olives and the organic gardens use drip irrigation as a means of best utilizing the water source on the farm. All grey water is recycled back onto fruit trees in the gardens.

Restoration of the cottage has been done with as little impact as possible, using local products and even the paint outside of the cottage is made from a mix of soil, egg and linseed oil.

Ross and Kath live in a self-built cob cottage and are more than happy to share all their knowledge on this sustainable low impact housing option. In the time it took to build this house only one small shopping bag of waste was produced.

The farm lives in harmony with nature and illustrates a high level of self-sufficiency. All the growing areas are fenced so that the rest of the area can be accessed by antelope and other fauna. No domestic stock is kept in order to give the veld a chance to recover from previous mismanagement and for the natural beauty of the Klein Karoo to prevail.


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