Grounding: Kick Off Your Shoes and Get With the Flow

He'd walk barefoot for her ....

There is something magical about being barefoot outdoors that increases vitality and joy. Everyday we make a point of walking in the garden, letting the grass and soil massage and tickle our soles and toes. Barefoot hikes on the soft forest floor of ancient indigenous forests and on the pristine beaches of the Garden Route leave us euphoric. Could we attribute these feelings to “grounding”?

Grounding or Earthing as it is otherwise known, is quite simply the action of making direct contact with the Earth. We do this by removing our shoes and socks to connect with the surface. Earthing can be done by sleeping on the ground, swimming, walking on grass, soil, rock, sand and even wet concrete.

Why does touching the ground matter? Humans evolved, like all animals, walking on the ground without insulating barriers between the Earth and our feet. It is common knowledge that the soles of our feet are extremely sensitive due to a high concentration of nerve endings. Since nerve tissue is electrically conductive, it is easy to understand that the bottoms of our feet are highly conductive surfaces. Learn more

In general, we find it improves our overall well-being and improve our outlook by heightening our state of gratitude and interconnection. Below we highlighted some reported health benefits of grounding. The list goes on, do some research of your own!


Protect the Body from Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF`s)
Reduce Inflammation
Help Support Adrenal Health
Less Stressed & More Relaxed
Reduce Muscle Tension and Headache
Increased Heart Rate Variability
Reduce Chronic Pain
Increase Sleep
Increase Energy
Improve Blood Pressure and Blood Flow

Do you notice you feel better when you walk barefoot on the Earth? – an interesting perspective wherein scientific reasons are given for this phenomena. Although there is some controversy surrounding these scientific claims, we know for sure that it always makes us feel better, “lighter” and more positive.

Watch this video where David Wolfe talks about “the shoe problem” and the importance of getting grounded. Kick your shoes off and try it yourself!

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