Greenpop is a social business that believes greening and sustainable living can be fun, POPular and accessible for all. We believe in inspiring a greener, more conscious, inclusive movement and do this through tree planting projects, green events, education, social media, voluntourism and activating people to start DOING!

Greenpop plants trees & invites everyone to join the treevolution, see inspiration instead of gloom in the green space and create innovative and sustainable solutions. We pride ourselves in making green living fun, educating people on best practice tree care, monitoring our trees and ensuring that together we leave a lasting legacy.

Why it counts?
We live in built environments and it’s easy to lose touch with the fact that we live on earth and it sustains us. Getting our hands into the soil reconnects us with nature. Tree planting has benefits that reach far beyond carbon sequestration – different cultures, races and ages come together to do something that benefits all.


  • Company Planting: Get your team from work out on the field planting trees. These days are great for team building or corporate social responsibility projects. 
  • Pledge Trees: Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, you can plant trees every month and start your own forest by pledging with Greenpop. 
  • Come Planting: Do you live in Cape Town & want to join us in your free time? Sign up & we will send weekly emails on planting, yoga and events you can get involved in. 
  • Trees for Travel: Are you a tour operator, lodge, airline or company with high travel miles? Trees for Travel offers your clients the chance to add a tree to their bill. 
  • Internships/Volunteering: Visiting Cape Town for a working holiday? Intern, take a volunteer package, live with global volunteers, plant trees, gain work experience. 
  • Events: Join us at Greenpop’s next exciting event or activation, from reverse graffiti and park parkings to green crusader cycles and parties for trees. 

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