Greening Guide aims to connect you to information, products and processes that will assist you in the transition to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

If you are interested in ?greening ? your accommodation establishment, office or home it can seem like a daunting challenge involving a lot of change and great expense, however if you break it down it is practical, cost-saving and very rewarding in the long run.

We commend your intentions to make a positive difference and are happy to make these recommendations that will assist you on your journey to being a contributor to a sustainable future!

Be sure to check back in regularly to see our growing greening guide.


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Eco Kleen Multi Magic is a powerful all-purpose cleaner, eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic and suitable for septic tanks. What makes Eco Kleen different from the rest? View




Earth Probiotic has made composting quick and easy by using the power of probiotic bacteria, bokashi (Japanese for “organic fermented matter”), to recycle food waste back into soil food. View




We need energy to sustain, grow and develop. It`s the most fundamental ingredient next to water to sustain ourselves. It therefore makes sense to invest in energy as it influences every part of your daily life. Monarch Climate Solutions creates the platform to becoming independent from your electricity provider within 5 years. View

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