July 2017 Retreats at the Buddhist Retreat Centre

Retreats Buddhist Retreat Centre - Image: Chantelle Flores

Image: Chantelle Flores

Perched on a ridge at the head of a valley in the Umkomaas river system in KwaZulu-Natal, the Buddhist Retreat Centre is situated on a 300 acre property and looks out on a vista of indigenous valleys, forests and rolling hills.

Being a gentle, sympathetic space where one can be still, get in touch with oneself and reflect on the things that crowd one’s life, people of all religions and none have come here to experience peace and tranquility since 1980. CNN recently featured the BRC as one of the 10 finest Meditation centres in the world.

July Retreats at the Buddhist Retreat Centre: 30 June – 30 July 2017

Source: BRC Newsflash: July 2017

“Give yourself the gift of a retreat over July where you can step away from your busy lives into tranquillity – to still the mind, and open the heart. The programme gives participants the opportunity to tap into their creativity in sketching what you see in front of you, to finding your inner- child along with your kids on the family retreat when the BRC “goes juvenile”, to experiencing meditation-in-action with poise and presence in walking, and learning to take care of yourself and find your centre in order to be of service to others.”

Walking The Sacred Way: Poise, Grace And Presence In Walking
The essential art of walking – this most ordinary activity of daily life – has been degraded into mindless, extreme exercise. As we change this conditioned mindset, we can restore the poise and elegance of our body- mind.
Marguerite van der Merwe | Weekend: June 30-1 July

Rejuvenating The BRC – A Family Retreat With Children In Mind
This family retreat offers a basic introduction to Buddhist thought, as well as guidance for parents and children to explore spirituality through connecting with nature and creative expression.
Sheila Berry, Lihle Mbokazi and Sipho Msiya | 4 days: July 2-6

Karma Or Fate: Why Things Happen The Way They Do
Why do things happen the way they do? As living beings, we are woven into an unimaginably complex causal network where nothing escapes being recorded and is ready to act out whatever needs to be resolved.
Louis van Loon | Weekend: July 7-9

‘Hell Is Other People’: The Magic And Mystery Of Relationship
Some relationships prove to be harmonious, others problematic. The good news is that relationships can become dynamic opportunities to move beyond narrow self- interests and fixations.
Louis van Loon | Weekend: July 14-16

How To Draw What You See: A Pen And Ink Sketching Retreat
You don’t have to be an artist to be able to sketch what is in front of you. All you need is one eye and two fingers, to take your pen and sketchbook anywhere and to experience what it is like to be truly present in where you are.
Louis van Loon | Weekend: July 21-23

Finding And Keeping Your Centre
When we are told to take better care of ourselves, we either feel that we don’t have the time or don’t know where to begin. The secret lies in finding your Centre.
Tessa Pretorius | Weekend: July 28-30

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