Travelling Light with Tangled Tree

We love all things green and eco. We love to travel and believe in making time for leisure and pleasure. So when we heard that Tangled Tree is the eco-friendly South African wine that loves travelling, we thought it a good idea to hook up and see if there`s chemistry.

Our first date was on a hot afternoon with a very chilled Moscato Rosé; we met her lavish Muscat and Rose Petal flavours on a picnic and instantly hit it off. Butterscotch Chardonnay joined us after snorkeling for a relaxing afternoon on the beach and was welcomed by all with her sweet and sincere butterscotch, crème brulee and citrus personality.

Tangled Tree

A few days later Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon, Spicy Shiraz and Tropical Sauvignon Blanc where chucked into a travel bag, without fear of breaking in their eco-friendly PET bottles, and joined us on a road trip to the Overberg and Breede River Valley regions of the Western Cape. They all proved to be great companions on this journey, though Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon stole our hearts with her irresistible mocha flavours and classic blackberry notes. Relishing in her her expressive flavour beneath thousands of bright stars in the serene Stanford countryside was absolute pure bliss!

Inspired by two trees and a love story, Tangled Tree’s philosophy is one that respects nature and a determination to leave our environment healthier for future generations. As such, over 50% of the Van Loveren farms that produce the grapes for Tangled Tree wines are not cultivated, a significant portion of which is under conservation management. They actively work to restore precious natural habitats by removing invasive alien plants, employ environmentally responsible farming methods, and have a state-of-the-art water management system designed to save water and energy.

Tangled Recycle

Tangled Tree wines are packaged in 100% recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles that generate 50% less greenhouse gasses during the manufacturing process. The packaging is what gives this range an additional element of eco-friendliness.

It`s a great travel companion because it is light, has a slim space-saving design, may enter some places where glass may not and it`s unbreakable; so no tears over lost vino and broken glass. They also have a pocket-friendly price tag.


On all our dates the Tangled Tree wines were charming and delightful; a jet setting star among eco-friendly wines of South Africa. Here`s to integrity and sustainability, cheers!

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