How To Stay Cool and Green During a Heatwave

STAY OUT OF THE SUN AND LIMIT OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES:  Avoid outdoor activity, especially between 10:00 and 15:00. If you must be outside during the heat of the day remember to take frequent breaks in a shaded area, preferably under a tree.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER: Drinking water will keep you hydrated and help regulate body temperature. Adding some mint, apple or lemon will make it even more refreshing! Invest in a reusable glass water bottle to keep hydrated, in this way you are taking care of the environment by reducing demand for single-use plastic water bottles and reducing plastic waste.

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AVOID CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL: Ingesting any beverages with caffeine and/or alcohol leads to dehydration; this includes energy and sports drinks!

ACTIVATE YOUR INTERNAL COOLING SYSTEM: Enjoy a hot cup of caffeine-free tea, this will activate the nerve receptors in your tongue which send a heat signal to your brain, which activates the internal cooling system i.e. sweating. Eating spicy food will also induce perspiration which cools the body as it evaporates.

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WINDOWS, DOORS AND CURTAINS: Keep cool air inside during unbearable hot days by closing all the windows and curtains to prevent hot air from entering the area. Open up all the curtains, windows and doors after sunset, for as long as possible, so that fresh and cool air can flow back inside.

CLOTHING: Wear light coloured (reflect heat instead of absorbing it), loose fitting, natural fabrics like organic cotton and hemp – avoid synthetics, silk and wool.  If possible, remove neckties, wear open shoes and for those with long hair, rock a ponytail!

COOL BY THE POOL: If you don`t have any means to cool off in a dam, ocean or swimming pool, run a bit of cold water in the bath so you can quickly jump in for a few minutes to cool off. Leave the water in so you can return multiple times without having to run a new bath each time you need to take a dip. If you only have shower facilities, remember to keep it short!

SPRITZ, FAN OR DAB: Use a spray bottle with water as a spritz and a hand fan to bring instant relief. The body radiates heat from the face, ears, hands and feet – soaking your feet in cold water will significantly bring your temperature down. You can also use a wet facecloth to dab your neck, forehead, wrists and feet.

HIT THE FLOOR: Warm air rises therefore it will be cooler the lower you go. Basements and ground floors with a cool tiled or cement floor will make for a perfect  siesta – if you have pets they will love it too 😉

COOKING AND DIET: Avoid using the stove or oven as it will add more heat to the situation. Stay away from large, protein-rich meals and rather opt for a fresh salad with some fruit and ice cream for desert.

Fresh strawberry ice cream

CHILL IN BED: Put your bed-sheets in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before you go to bed, this won’t last all night but will definitely help cool you down to fall asleep. You can also put your hot water bottle in the freezer changing it into a cold ice block.

REMEMBER: Never leave your pets or children in the car, especially during a heatwave!

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