Coping At Home With Food Price Hikes

Food is one of the most basic and primal needs that keeps us alive. Lack of food means lack of nutrition, which has serious health implications and other negative ripple effects in society and communities.

Due to weak exchange rates and extreme drought conditions, food prices are set to rise as retailers are forced to pass on costs. Below are a few ideas to help you cope at home with food price hikes.

What can you do at home?

Change You Diet

Cut out or seriously downscale your intake of unhealthy foods like sugar, milk and meat. Rethink luxury items and unnecessary vanity items.

Plan your meals before shopping

Planning meals ahead of shopping times has never been a bad idea. This way you can really put some thought into your shopping list and daily menu. Oh, and try not to do shopping on an empty stomach, this may lead to excessive spending on items that you don`t need.

Grow your own food at home

There is not much in life as rewarding as picking your own homegrown veggies, herbs and fruit. To top that, having control over what you put in your body, how it is grown, nurtured, treated/not treated with chemical pesticides is priceless. Growing your own food cuts out a whole heap of expenses and is much kinder to the environment. If you have space to do it, put in the effort, it`s truly worth it!

Barter with like-minded individuals

Exchanging fresh produce with your next door neighbour or local gardener down the street is such an exhilarating experience once you realise the vision of free food. Keep your selection of produce diverse and you`ll have something everybody else needs.

Support local fresh produce markets

When shopping at a chain-store or supermarket, consider where this produce comes from, is it imported, where was it manufactured, what kind of transport was used and the costs involved etc. Buying fresh produce from local farmer`s markets brings down the price of food drastically. You know exactly where it comes from and in most cases, has a very low carbon footprint.

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