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Since we have started using Earth ProBiotic`s bokashi recycling kit, it has changed the way we view food waste forever and has radically reduced the amount of black bags going out to the landfills! For those of you who don`t know what bokashi is, it`s quite simply a wheat bran infused with probiotic, yeast and fungi that is used to facilitate and speed up the composting process. In other words, it helps to turn food waste into plant food.

How To Use The Bokashi Digester

To get started, place the strainer in the bottom of the digester and add some bokashi. Add food waste and sprinkle a little bit of bokashi over each layer. Ensure that the lid is sealed. Open the lid as little as possible, once a day at most. Remember, you can add cooked and uncooked meat, onions, dairy, teabags, eggshells and even seafood!

Tip: Collect the days` kitchen scraps in a sealable container to avoid any odours and flies while you wait for the next time to open the bin.


During the fermenting process you can tap off some bokashi liquid (1:300 dilution) to feed to your potplants, vegetables etc.


DSC05194Once the bin is full,  leave it to stand for 2 weeks in order to complete the fermentation process (sealed and out of the sun). You can deposit the contents into the ground under 30cm of soil or place it in the middle of your compost heap. We have been enriching and improving the soil health and quality for our newly created veggie garden using trenching methods as seen below.


Once it has turned black and the food waste is not visible anymore, you are ready to use your nutrient-rich compost to feed your soil, to grow food.

Gardening - vegetable

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