Help the Sustainability Institute to change the lives of more than 300 children

#BrightFuture – Sponsor a ride, change a life

Sustainability Institute Fundraiser

The learning programmes at Lynedoch in Stellenbosch strive to unlock the best of human potential and instill a lifelong love of learning in all children through a Montessori approach. Lynedoch provides integrated and ecologically focused learning and nature-based play; buildings are designed according to ecological building principles and the children play in natural gardens, participating each day in the growing, harvesting and cooking of organic vegetables.

Currently, more than 300 children from across the valley make their way to this beautiful learning community. The Sustainability Institute is raising funds to purchase a bus in order to transport them safely to and from school each day. Whether you choose to contribute to a specific part of the bus or just make a general donation, it will help them to make an even bigger difference in the lives of the children.

Imagination, creativity and learning are grounded at Lynedoch in early childhood development.  

Learn more about Lyndoch Early Learning Centre

#BrightFuture – Sponsor a ride, change a life

Sponsors are encouraged to share a motivational quote that will be displayed inside the bus for the children to read. The best message stands a chance to win a one-week getaway at the beautiful Drie Gewels Eco Lodge!

Click here to go to GivenGain for more information about the campaign and to make a donation.

You can change a life by giving a gift that keeps on giving! Please open your hearts and help make this dream come true.

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