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DSC04807Reduce Plastic Consumption

We have been surprised by the amount of times plastic sneaks into our daily routine. Avoiding all single use plastics is not as easy as you would think, but it becomes easier as your awareness and planning improve with the intention to reduce and reuse before you recycle. Here`s a few tips to reduce your plastic consumption at home and in your life.



No-Cost Tips to Save Electricity

Although we know that it is big industry in SA that is most demanding on our power grid; we can however still make a valuable contribution to lowering the demand (and save some bucks) if we all put in an effort to consistently lower our consumption. Here is a list of no-cost tips to save electricity!

eco_friendly_product_stickerGreen Cleaning: Protect Your Health and Conserve Your Environment

People are gravitating towards green cleaning techniques and products as they become more aware of the adverse effects of using chemically reactive and toxic ingredients versus the benefits of environmentally-friendly products. Traditional detergents can emit volatile organic compounds causing respiratory, dermatological and other negative health and… continue

Author: Short Guide to Recycling in South Africa

Electronic and electrical waste includes ICT equipment, Consumer electronics, Small household appliances and large household appliances. E-waste contains both valuable and potentially hazardous material that can be recovered through proper recycling, while hazardous fractions can be treated prior to safe disposal… continue

 Author: BSGStudioThe Waste Hierarchy

Critics argue that the energy and costs used in the entire recycling process, from collection of the waste until its conversion, outweigh the costs and energy saved from the production process of raw materials. Advocates for both sides of this debate refute each other ?s claims and the validity of their arguments which have resulted in a recycling controversy… continue - Online eco Store

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