Birdlife South Africa

BirdLife South Africa is a registered non-profit, public benefit environmental organization, the only dedicated bird-conservation organisation in South Africa and has over 6 000 members in 32 bird clubs throughout the country. It is also the country partner of BirdLife International.

Birds are an important part of the world’s biodiversity, providing important ecosystem services and are indicators of the state of the environment. The mission of BirdLife South Africa is to promote the enjoyment, conservation, study and understanding of wild birds and their habitats.

BirdLife South Africa’s aims are to: Prevent the extinction of any bird species; Maintain and where possible improve the conservation status of all bird species; Conserve and where appropriate improve and enlarge sites and habitats that are important for birds; Help, through birds, to conserve biodiversity and to improve the quality of people’s lives; Integrate bird conservation into sustaining people’s livelihoods.

BirdLife South Africa also produces its own birds and bird-watching magazine, African Birdlife, and a scientific journal, Ostrich

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